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Press release, February 19, 2020 

Mintel research has revealed that Free From is becoming more and more important in Asia, given the high level of lactose and dairy intolerance among Asian consumers. Veganism is on the rise and is one of the major trends in big Asian and Middle East cities with millions and millions of people visiting food service outlets and ordering online catering every day. Furthermore, recent numbers (Euromonitor) indicate that 31% of the total trade is for free from, organic or vegan food products.

Free From Food Asia will be an annual exhibition and conference platform and this year, will be held from March 10-12, 2021 at IMPACT, Bangkok, Thailand by EBCEXPO from the Netherlands and VNU Asia Pacific from Thailand.  The show will be co-located with VIV Asia, which recently announced the selection of IMPACT as their new home base.

Free From Food Expo has been successfully held since 2013 as a travelling trade show in many European cities, including Freiburg, Brussels, Barcelona, and Stockholm and will be held in Amsterdam and Barcelona in 2020 and 2021, respectively.

“The background of the brand name “Free From Food” comes from the idea that here, all foods are on display that are for example, free from diary, free from genetically modified ingredients, free from gluten etc. – this is one of the biggest trends in the global food sector today.” said Ronald Holman, Exhibition Director, EBCEXPO

“People’s concern for health, environmental protection and safety has resulted in the rapid development of the Free From and organic markets in Asia and the Middle East. Suppliers need to focus on the Free From and Vegan markets at the Expo to do better business in Asia. Free From Food Asia brings together Free From, Vegan and Healthy food producers to better serve and meet their potential customers, which is not possible at other more general food fairs.” Ronald added.

“The initiatives of Free From Food Asia result from the long-time partnership and trust between EBCEXPO and Jaarbeurs – the mother company of VNU in the Netherlands.” Heiko M.Stutzinger, Managing Director of VNU Asia Pacific revealed.

“VNU runs many trade fairs and conferences worldwide to fulfil the needs of the agricultural and livestock businesses. Our flagship VIV Asia in Bangkok reflects the demands of the industry from Feed to Food in Asia. and the new show Free From Food Asia will be a vital strategic investment, establishing a lasting footprint in the Agri-Food value chain to link our portfolio with food and retail businesses.  This expo is the best place to source the most trendy and healthy food products that every global buyer is looking for” said Heiko.

Free From Food Asia will run for 3 days from March 10 to 12, 2021 at IMPACT, Thailand and will bring together purchase decision makers from distribution, trade, retail, hotel and food services in a single space as well as other operators in the ASEAN and Middle East food and drink chain.

Taking part in the show will enable you to acquire a market share, strengthen your brand image, make business contacts in the Free From Asian markets and capture new customers.

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About VNU Asia Pacific

VNU Asia Pacific is part of VNU Group, a globally operating exhibition company with offices in Utrecht, Shanghai as well as in Bangkok, and consolidates the international exhibition business of Royal Dutch Jaarbeurs. In South East Asia, Jaarbeurs has formed a Joint Venture with the TCC Group, a leading corporate conglomerate in the fast growing region. From its business hub located in Bangkok, VNU Asia Pacific covers all key exhibition markets in South East Asia. VNU Asia Pacific has a constantly expanding portfolio with currently 12 trade shows and event formats including brands from the AgriTech, Animal Husbandry, Animal Companion, Food, Life Sciences and Biotechnology industries.

Royal Jaarbeurs belongs to the top 20 exhibition organizers by revenue worldwide and operates a 100,000 square meter exhibition center in the city of Utrecht, The Netherlands. In the coming years, the company is going to invest 300 Million Euro into further expansions of its exhibition center to continue to meet the highest technology and sustainability standards. The Asian counterpart, TCC Group, Headquartered in Thailand is one of South East Asia’s leading conglomerates and most recognized corporations. TCC Group employs 60,000 employees and has an extensive service and real estate portfolio. One of its real estate highlights is the premier exhibition and conference venue in the heart of Bangkok. The Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC) is currently being newly built and scheduled to re-open at the end of 2022.

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About Expo Business Communications BV (EBC)

EBC is a b-2-b media company based in the Netherlands and has a long track record business experience in developing, launching and organising trade and consumer shows in Europe particularly in food, construction and health.

EBC is an innovative, energetic and entrepreneurial media company and the sole owner of the Free From Functional & Health Ingredients Expo brand and all related assets.

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