Interview with Birgit Horn on VNU Group’s Agrifood Portfolio

We are a global platform for the industry to network, connect, present innovations, learn and make business. Our goal is to provide the entire industry value chain from seed to food and beyond with valuable business opportunities.”

In 2023, VNU Group introduced the Horti Agri Next (HAN) concept for the first time in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It was the first launch edition of a new event covering products, innovations, advancements and content on the horticulture and agriculture industries. Together with VIV MEA 2023, the two events gave us a “peak” of VNU’s plans for the future. Birgit Horn, Managing Director of the Agrifood Portfolio at VNU Europe, explains what the company’s plans for the industry are, and what to expect in the coming years.

Q: You took over, as Managing Director Agrifood at VNU Europe, a little over a year ago. What are your first impressions and learnings?

BH: Joining VNU Europe as Managing Director Agrifood has been an amazing experience so far. The existing team was already well established and has proven to be exceptionally skilled and dedicated, successfully managing and running worldwide shows. Upon closer inspection, we identified gaps in our portfolio that presented exciting opportunities for growth and innovation. Our focus now is on addressing these gaps to enhance the value we bring to our audience and stakeholders.

Q: Can you walk us through a brief overview of VNU Group’s Agrifood Portfolio and its significance to the global market?

BH: VNU Group’s Agrifood Portfolio is a comprehensive collection of events focusing in agriculture, including the renowned VIV Worldwide and newly launched HAN events among others. We organize flagship shows in regions of crucial importance to the industry such as Europe (Utrecht), Middle East (Abu Dhabi), Asia (Bangkok) and Africa (Kigali). As our flagship shows run bi-annually, we make sure to serve the industry and our audience, in the years in between with satellite national events that are compact versions of the flagship shows, such as VIV Select Türkiye, VIV Select China, Han Select Vietnam, etc or more niche events, dedicated to specific sectors such as Health & Nutrition Asia.  These platforms play a crucial role in connecting global stakeholders within the agricultural industry. The significance lies in our ability to provide a diverse and inclusive platform that addresses the evolving needs of the global market, from animal health and welfare to sustainability in production and alternative proteins, to new technologies and the latest trends.

Q: VNU Group is taking a global strategy approach when it comes to VIV and HAN Worldwide events. What are the key drivers for this international approach?

BH: The international approach to VIV and HAN Worldwide events stems from our commitment to promoting global collaboration and addressing the challenges of the agrifood industry. This is also where AgriBITs comes into play, as it refers to the entire value chain, and the digitalization and AI solutions that are available. By bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise from different continents, regions and markets, we create a platform ideal for business dealing, discussions and solutions. This global strategy in connection with the very close contact we hold with national and international market and thought leaders ensures that our events are at the forefront of industry trends, innovations, and best practices.

Q: VIV Worldwide has evolved tremendously since the first VIV event in the Netherlands. How does it address the diverse needs of the animal protein industry?

BH: The evolution of VIV Worldwide has been nothing short of remarkable since the inaugural event in the Netherlands. In addressing the diverse needs of the animal protein industry, our commitment is exemplified through a multifaceted approach. Naturally, we recognize that Animal health and welfare stand as a rapidly growing topic and a major concern within the industry. This vital aspect has become one of the largest sectors prominently featured in our shows.

Our events always delve into industry standards, sustainability practices, and the latest trends in food production. This holistic approach, ensures that VIV Worldwide remains a comprehensive business to business platform that not only keeps pace with industry advancements but also places a significant focus on the crucial elements of animal well-being and the sustainability of the animal protein sector. All aiming at serving the globally growing food demand incorporating the latest sustainability goals.


Q: What is the vision and the goals behind the launch of Horti Agri Next? What comes next?

BH: The vision behind the launch of Horti Agri Next is to create a platform that showcases the best of horticulture and agriculture, promoting modern techniques, trends and innovation across both sectors. Moving forward, we aim to expand our reach with HAN Asia (starting in 2025, co-located with VIV Asia) and HAN SELECT (in Vietnam in 2024 and Indonesia in 2025), as well as creating a presence at events like VIV Africa with the dedicated HAN Pavilion. Sustainability remains a key focus, with initiatives aimed at promoting eco-friendly practices, addressing urban and climatic challenges and driving positive change throughout the industry and again – meeting the growing food demand in the world.

Q: You mentioned a completely new concept earlier: the AgriBITs Summit, on digitalization in the agrifood industry. What are the objectives behind this project? What will this event bring to the Agrifood sector?

BH: The AgriBITs Summit (5-6 September in Utrecht NL, 2024) aims to explore and accelerate the digitalization of the agrifood industry. Our objectives include bringing together key players, experts, and innovators to share insights, discuss challenges, and envision the future of digitalization in agriculture. This event, will contribute in showcasing future-fit solutions for the entire agrifood industry, including arable, indoor and livestock farming, as well as feed and food processing. AgriBITS will stand as a base for collaboration, presenting technological advancements to enable technology suppliers to meet future demands from farmers and growers in increasing profitability in their operations.


Q: There are a lot of discussions currently on sustainability in the Agrifood Industry. Are there any initiatives being taken from your side in this regard?

BH: Sustainability is a top priority for VNU Group and for Jaarbeurs as a whole. We have initiated related content programs within our events, featuring key experts and partners who are actively championing sustainable practices. By providing a platform for these discussions and initiatives, we aim to contribute to the global effort in creating a more sustainable and resilient agrifood industry. Of course in practice, we also try to reduce our own CO2 footprint, whether that is arranging collective shuttles for our events, reducing paper use when it comes to promotional documents, or even by more and more using eco-friendly and renewable materials in stand construction.

Q: VNU Group has a presence in different continents right now. Are there any upcoming markets or regions of focus?

BH: While we continue to strengthen our presence in existing markets, we are actively exploring opportunities in emerging regions that show significant potential for growth. Our strategic focus includes identifying markets where our expertise can make a substantial impact, and where our exhibitors and visitors want us to be. VNU Europe stands for a personal approach and taking the customers opinions as a basis for our decisions.


Q: Finally, what do you think lies behind the success of the current events and what gives you confidence on the company’s future plans?       

BH: The success of the VNU events is rooted in our ability to adapt to the industry’s needs, collaborate very closely with key stakeholders and industry drivers, and consistently aim to deliver highest value to our participants. We are confident in our future plans because they are grounded in innovation, inclusivity, and a commitment to addressing the evolving needs of the agrifood industry. With a dedicated team, strategic vision, and a pulse on industry dynamics, we believe we are well-positioned for continued success and growth.

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About VNU Group | VNU Group is a globally operating exhibition company with offices in Utrecht (VNU Europe), Shanghai (VNU Asia), and Bangkok (VNU Asia Pacific). VNU Group is part of the Royal Dutch Jaarbeurs and represents its international exhibition business outside of the Netherlands. Each VNU office runs a portfolio of exhibition and conference brands with professional expertise on specific markets and industries. The Agri-food exhibition portfolio is a core business in all three VNU regional offices. Other VNU Group main event sectors include Tech, Lifestyle, Construction, Lifesciences and Biotech, and more.

About VNU Europe | VNU Europe is a subsidiary company of Royal Dutch Jaarbeurs with its base in Utrecht, at the heart of the Netherlands and only 30 minutes from Amsterdam. The VNU Europe office is located within the extensive Jaarbeurs complex. The international team of VNU Europe is wholly involved in the agrifood sector focusing on the organization of worldwide industry events such as VIV and Horti Agri Next. For more information, visit

Horti Agri Next MEA 2023: The Inaugural Edition of the Newest Horticulture and Agriculture Platform in the Middle East and Africa

VNU Europe and the Horti Agri Next (HAN) Team are pleased to announce the first edition of Horti Agri Next MEA 2023, a premier event for the horticulture and agriculture industry, taking place in the heart of UAE and uniting international horticulture and agriculture suppliers with buyers from the Middle East & Africa in Abu Dhabi. The event will be held from 20 to 22 of November,2023, at the ADNEC venue, and is set to bring together leading exhibiting companies, experts and innovators, from the industry.

Horti Agri Next MEA 2023 will feature a range of exhibitors, seminars, and networking events, designed to showcase the latest products, technologies, and trends. At the same time the show is expected to attract a diverse range of visitors, ranging from growers to retailers and exporters, to government officials, investors, researchers, and industry academics. The event will provide a platform for industry professionals to exchange ideas, discuss best practices, and explore business opportunities.

“We are excited to launch the first edition of Horti Agri Next MEA 2023, in such a strategic location, in a market that aspires to be a key player in the industry” said Ms Birgit Horn, Managing Director at VNU Europe. “The Middle East and Africa region is a hub for horticulture and agriculture, and we believe this event will play a crucial role in driving innovation and growth. We look forward to welcoming leading experts and exhibiting companies from across the world to share their products, expertise and knowledge.”

The event is co-located with the leading show in livestock production, animal husbandry and all related sectors, VIV MEA 2023. The two shows’ synergy achieves a complete end-to-end representation of the full agriculture industry supply chain both vertically and horizontally. Together they unite international  suppliers with buyers from the Middle East & Africa in Abu Dhabi. HAN MEA is hosted in halls 5-6 and VIV MEA 2023 continues in halls 7-10.

The two events are part of the Abu Dhabi Agriculture & Food Security Week 2023 and are supported by the government entity Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA).

For more information about Horti Agri Next MEA 2023, including how to register, exhibit, or sponsor the event, please visit

About Horti Agri Next (HAN) | Horti Agri Next (HAN) is the premier trade show showcasing the latest products, innovations, and advancements in horticultural food production, landscaping, controlled environment practices, environmental conservation, and agriculture. HAN brings together industry professionals and experts from around the world to exchange ideas, knowledge, and expertise in the fields of arable land planting, crop harvesting and processing, land and water resource management, cutting-edge enhancing technologies and more.

About VNU Europe | VNU Europe is a subsidiary company of Royal Dutch Jaarbeurs with its base in Utrecht, at the heart of the Netherlands and only 30 minutes from Amsterdam. The VNU Europe office is located within the extensive Jaarbeurs complex. The international team of VNU Europe is wholly focused on the livestock and Feed to Food sector and specialized in the VIV worldwide portfolio. For more information, visit

VNU Asia Pacific joins forces with DeltaMan and launches ILDEX Philippines in co-location with the Philippines Poultry Show in Manila in June 2023

VNU Asia Pacific, the organizer of ILDEX Exhibitions, is entering the Philippines. After organizing ILDEX Vietnam and ILDEX Indonesia for nearly 20 years, VNU Asia Pacific announces a new show “ILDEX Philippines” in co-location with “the Philippines Poultry Show” scheduled from 7-9 June 2023 at SMX Convention Center Manila, Philippines.

The Philippines is one of the fastest-growing emerging markets, and the 3rd largest economy in Southeast Asia by nominal GDP, following Thailand and Indonesia. The Philippines is primarily considered a newly industrialized country, with an economy transitioning from one based on agriculture to one based more on services and manufacturing.

In 2021, the value of production in the livestock industry in the Philippines amounted to approximately 252.11 billion Philippine pesos, which was a decrease compared to the previous year’s total. On the other hand, a bright future for the Philippines poultry industry is indicated by a 4% increase in chicken egg output in 2020 compared to the previous year – from 583,234 MT to 605,78 MT. The country’s chicken layer population expanded by 4.19% from 41.202 million birds to 42.928 million. Consequently, the Philippines livestock market also has great potential for growth, and the exhibition is a chance to expand business opportunities in this country.

VNU opens a new gateway to reach the Philippines market

“VNU Asia Pacific held the initial investor meetings project in 2019 in Manila, but due to the pandemic, the development of the project had to pause for a while. In 2023, ILDEX Philippines will finally reflect the market’s high levels of demand and opportunities for the players entering the market, and the show will be part of the VIV worldwide portfolio” said Ms. Panadda Kongma, Director of Agribusiness and Operations, VNU Asia Pacific.

“ILDEX has had great success in Vietnam and Indonesia over the past 20 years. In 2023, we are super excited to bring the ILDEX brand to a new destination, the Philippines, a dynamic market with great potential for the livestock industry. Our partner, the Philippines Poultry Show, already had established a solid base in the poultry sector over the past 10 years, and ILDEX will be adding more elements including swine, dairy, aquaculture etc. to this platform. We look forward to a successful partnership with the Philippines Poultry Show” added Mr. Kevin Zhao Bo, Project Manager of ILDEX Vietnam & Philippines, VNU Asia Pacific.

DeltaMan co-locates the Philippines Poultry Show alongside ILDEX Philippines

Over the years, the Philippines Poultry Show has not only grown bigger in size, but also improved in terms of features and exhibits. So much so that it has become a much-awaited event for poultry industry stockholders, exhibitors and the general public. Together with the new partner VNU Asia Pacific, DeltaMan aims at a world-class trade show & exhibition in 2023.

The Philippines Poultry show, in co-location with the 1st edition of ILDEX Philippines, will be held from 7-9 June 2023 at the SMX Convention Center Manila, Philippines, organized by DeltaMan and VNU Asia Pacific.

For more information and exhibiting rates, please contact Mr. Kevin Zhao, Project Manager of ILDEX Philippines at and Mylene Magpantay, Project manager, the Philippines Poultry Show at



Marketing & Communication Department of VNU Asia Pacific, email to

Tel: +662 111 6611 Ext.330      website:



Welcoming a senior expert from the event industry onboard, Royal Jaarbeurs | VNU Group is excited to announce new leadership with a vision of boosting the VIV worldwide portfolio

Birgit Horn (49) has been appointed as the new Managing Director of VIV worldwide. Based in the head office in Utrecht, Mrs. Horn will officially start on August 1, 2022. She will contribute to enlarge the VIV worldwide network on all measures with regards to exhibitors, visitors and partner development and also further strengthen the worldwide reach of the VIV show portfolio.

Horn has a vast experience of 25 years working in the exhibition industry. She has worked in different leadership positions with Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, a key player in the sector. As Director, Horn was recently responsible for two world leading trade shows with global reach counting a base of around 3.200 exhibitors. In her tenure she has developed new trade fair and conference formats, expending industry segments in Germany, India as well as in Turkey.

As the new Managing Director of VIV worldwide, Brigit Horn will succeed Heiko M. Stutzinger, who recently became COO of Royal Jaarbeurs | VNU Group. “We are thrilled to have Birgit on board. Her focus on industry developments by building strong connections through clear customer-driven event concepts will help VIV worldwide to continue its legacy in the sector.” affirms Heiko M. Stutzinger, COO Jaarbeurs.

Sharing the sentiment, Horn adds, “I am very excited to join the VNU Group and looking forward to inspiring the whole team in reaching for the best possible services to supply top-quality events. At the same time, I am ready and keen to dive into the world of AgriFood and animal protein production, meet our existing partners and expand the VIV worldwide network in the Feed to Food industry.”

In her new role, Horn will be responsible for the entire VIV worldwide portfolio, which is spread across the globe – Asia, Europe, and the MEA region, and consists of VIV trade exhibitions, VIV Connect and the VIV trade forums. She will report to the Group COO Heiko M. Stutzinger.

To stay tuned for the latest news and developments, please follow VIV worldwide and VNU Europe on LinkedIn.

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Press contact | Ms. Elena Geremia, Senior Marcom Manager at VIV worldwide,

About VIV worldwide | VIV worldwide is the business network linking professionals from Feed to Food, offering boundless opportunities to the animal protein supply chain players. VIV worldwide developed with dedication a network through 40 years of experience and interactions with the industry, making it the leading platform for some of the most promising markets of the world. Visit WWW.VIV.NET/EVENTS.

About VNU Group | VNU Group is a globally operating exhibition company with offices in Utrecht, Shanghai and Bangkok, and consolidates the international exhibition business of Royal Dutch Jaarbeurs. The Group is divided into three separate and distinct companies – VNU Europe, VNU Asia and VNU Asia Pacific – which closely cooperate across borders. For its international exhibition and conference business, Jaarbeurs has formed strategic Joint Ventures with influential partners in China and South East Asia.

VNU Asia Pacific appoints Igor Palka as Managing Director

New MD will succeed Heiko M. Stutzinger, who recently became COO of Royal Jaarbeurs | VNU Group

Bangkok, Thailand, 14th December 2021 – Igor Palka (38) has been appointed as Managing Director for VNU’s regional office in the South East Asian region. Based in Bangkok, Igor Palka will be starting officially on the 15th of January 2022.

Mr. Palka is a seasoned trade show executive with over 18 years of exhibition industry knowledge and leadership in Germany and South Asia. He spent most of his professional life with Messe Muenchen GmbH, a leading global player in the sector, where his career steps included the leadership of Messe Muenchen’s subsidiaries in India as CEO and COO, serving as Director for the Ceramitec Portfolio as well as leading the standardization of Digital Events. Most recently, Igor served as Managing Director of an international exhibition series in Berlin, Germany.

Mr. Palka will be overseeing the entire South East Asian region with responsibility for continuing the rapid business expansion in the post-pandemic recovery phase. Mr. Palka will be in charge of executing the organization’s regional growth strategy with a focus on portfolio expansion, new business development, strategic joint ventures, operational excellence and digital transformation.

Albert Arp, CEO of Royal Jaarbeurs | VNU Group and Chairman of the Board of VNU Asia  Pacific “We are excited to welcome Igor to our team. With Igor’s international experience, passion and broad knowledge of the exhibition industry, we can guarantee a smooth transition and a successful continuation of the business development and leadership excellence in the region.”

“Igor is an experienced and ambitious executive, that shares our passion and vision for future growth, execution speed and superior customer service.” said Heiko M. Stutzinger, COO of Royal Jaarbeurs | VNU Group and Member of the Board of Directors VNU Asia Pacific. “As the South East Asian region is re-opening for the trade fair industry with huge investments upcoming, Igor can rely on a great team with excellent stakeholder relations – together with the VNU Asia Pacific team, I am sure Igor will bring our regional operations and portfolio to the next level.”

“I have been following the fast-moving events industry in Asia and could observe the substantial progress VNU Asia Pacific has made in the region. I am truly thankful for the trust offered to me and very excited to be joining VNU Asia Pacific at this point in time. Together with the entire team, we will continue our future growth course based on the solid foundation set up in recent years,” said Igor Palka.

Please follow the Royal Jaarbeurs, VNU Europe and VNU Asia Pacific on LinkedIn to stay tuned for the latest news and developments.

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About VNU Asia Pacific

VNU Asia Pacific is part of VNU Group, a globally operating exhibition company with offices in Utrecht, Shanghai, Bangkok and consolidates the international exhibition business of Royal Dutch Jaarbeurs. In Southeast Asia, Jaarbeurs formed a Joint Venture with TCC Group, a leading corporate conglomerate in the fast-growing region. From its business hub located in Bangkok, VNU Asia Pacific covers all key exhibition markets in South East Asia. VNU Asia Pacific has a constantly expanding portfolio with currently 24 trade shows and event formats both online and face-to-face platforms including brands from the AgriTech, Animal Husbandry, Animal Companion, Food, Life Sciences, Biotechnology, 5G and IoT and Disaster Resilience industries.

Royal Dutch Jaarbeurs belongs to the top 20 exhibition organizers by revenue worldwide and operates a 100.000 square meters exhibition center in the city of Utrecht, The Netherlands. In the coming years, the company is going to invest 300 Million Euro into further expansions of its exhibition center to continue to meet the highest technology and sustainability standards. The Asian counterpart, TCC Group, headquartered in Thailand is one of South East Asia’s leading conglomerates and most recognized corporations. TCC Group employs 60,000 employees and has an extensive service and real estate portfolio. One of its real estate highlights is the premier exhibition and conference venue in the heart of Bangkok, The Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC) is currently being newly built and scheduled to re-open at the end of 2022. | For more information, visit

Press contact: Saengtip Techa., Assistant MarCom Manager, Tel.:+6621116611 Ext.331


New COO will succeed Peter van der Veer

Utrecht, The Netherlands, 1 October 2021 – Heiko M. Stutzinger has been appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Member of the Executive Board of international venue and event organizer Royal Dutch Jaarbeurs|VNU Group, as of December 1, 2021.

Based in the Jaarbeurs head office in Utrecht, Mr. Stutzinger will contribute to the organization’s ambitious post-pandemic growth strategy, which underpins the company’s commitment to sustainability, digital and technological innovation, employee wellbeing and overall business growth.

As COO, Stutzinger will be responsible for the Jaarbeurs’ high-profile national shows portfolio, guest and partner events, venue management and strategic business development. He will retain his current position as member of the Board of Directors of VNU Asia Pacific, as well as lead the VIV worldwide Agribusiness event series, currently staged in eight countries around the world.

Albert Arp, CEO of the Jaarbeurs|VNU Group: “We are thrilled to welcome Heiko. He joins us at an exciting and crucial moment, as we accelerate the implementation of our business strategy in response to the upcoming rapidly changing market. Over the past 18 months, the event and hospitality industry has been challenged by the global pandemic. Now it is time to push our business forward in an innovative and sustainable way with a strong commitment to safety. Heiko’s extensive experience and outstanding capability in new business development and digital transformation is an invaluable contribution to that. In South East Asia, he has achieved great results over the past three years.”

Jaarbeurs|VNU Group COO, Heiko M. Stutzinger, added: “I’m delighted to join Jaarbeurs at this pivotal time in the business and work full-speed to deliver the visionary roadmap ahead, whilst evolving the company’s credentials as the leading sustainable venue and event operator in Europe.”

In his new role, Stutzinger will succeed Peter van der Veer, who joined the Group in 2019 for a period of two years. Mr. Van der Veer will hand over from his position in November.

Arp added: “We are very thankful to Peter, who has been a highly valued partner in the past two years. He brought a lot of creativity to our team and introduced us to new markets.”

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About Heiko M. Stutzinger
After working over 20 years in senior management positions in the international event and trade fair industry as well as management consultancy, Heiko joined Royal Dutch Jaarbeurs|VNU Group in February 2019 as Managing Director for the South East Asia Region and additionally took leadership of the VIV worldwide event portfolio in April that year. Before joining Jaarbeurs|VNU Group, Heiko served as Deputy General Manager of Messe Düsseldorf Shanghai as well as Deputy Managing Director of Messe Düsseldorf China. Heiko holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from EBS University and is currently enrolled in the Leipzig Graduate School of Management’s PhD program.

About Royal Jaarbeurs
Royal Dutch Jaarbeurs, founded in 1916, is a leading exhibition and convention centre, located in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The venue welcomes over 2.3 million visitors every year. Royal Jaarbeurs also organises and facilitates award-winning live events and online functions, to create valuable experiences and connections. Jaarbeurs has the ambition to become the most sustainable venue in Europe by the end of the decade, with plans to start building a new venue in the next three years.

About VNU Group
VNU Group is a globally operating exhibition company with offices in Utrecht, Shanghai and Bangkok, and consolidates the international exhibition business of Royal Dutch Jaarbeurs. The Group is divided into three separate and distinct companies – VNU Europe, VNU Asia and VNU Asia Pacific – which closely cooperate across borders. For its international exhibition and conference business, Jaarbeurs has formed strategic Joint Ventures with influential partners in China and South East Asia.

VICTAM Asia in co-location with Health & Nutrition Asia are planned on September 7-9, 2022

Due to the ongoing worldwide pandemic, the management teams of VICTAM Corporation and VIV worldwide have decided to postpone VICTAM Asia and Health & Nutrition Asia in Bangkok to the third quarter of 2022.

The current situation is still not as optimal as it was estimated. Above all, the health of exhibitors and visitors and the successful outcome of the event are most important to the organizers.

In light of the recent increase in COVID-19 cases, which has forced the Royal Thai Government to implement new strict measures to control the spread of the pandemic, and the delays of the vaccination programs in several Asian countries, VICTAM and VIV do not see the opportunity to realize a large-scale event on the short term. Looking at the ongoing travel restrictions from and to Asia, the organizers also believe that it is not possible to guarantee the event quality as we know them for. The postponement to the third quarter of 2022 is in the interest of the whole industry.

VICTAM Asia in co-location with Health & Nutrition Asia are thus rescheduled to September 7-9, 2022. The new venue selected is IMPACT Halls 9-10, in Bangkok, Thailand. The objective remains the same: to realize the Total Animal Feed and Health event.

The dates secured in September 2022 will give all stakeholders room to breathe and pay attention to other vital issues. The organizers’ mission is to present a strong, value-adding event to the industry with high benefits for all parties.

VICTAM Corporation and VIV worldwide will also continue their partnership in Europe in 2022 by co-locating VICTAM International and VIV Europe at the Jaarbeurs venue in Utrecht, the Netherlands, from May 31 – June 2, 2022. With the high percentage of vaccinations in Europe there is no reason to doubt that this show can successfully go on as planned.

For more information, please visit the official websites and

Sebas van den Ende                                               Heiko M. Stutzinger
General Manager                                                         Director VIV worldwide and Managing Director
VICTAM Corporation                                                  VNU Asia Pacific and VNU Europe

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ILDEX Vietnam postponed until 16 – 18 March 2022 because of the new COVID-19 clusters / “V-Connect Vietnam Edition” is still set to be online during 21-23 July 2021 as scheduled