FarmFit, the must attend event for European young entrepreneurs in the Agri-food market is coming

The new highly interactive & inspiring platform for tomorrow’s change-makers

FarmFit is the short name for the “Farm & Food Innovations and Technology” event and community. A new, unconventional platform coming live at the end of 2021 in Germany. This concept is the response to a need for connection between young farmers, food-professionals and representatives from the Agri-food sector including innovators, investors, know-how providers, policy-makers and others. FarmFit is the meeting place for the open-minded change-makers from across Europe who are building their (economic) sustainable business based on technology, digitalisation, transparency and environmental connection.

The Agri-food system calls for change
Population growth, digitalisation, food security, increasing production costs, climate change, the Farm2Fork strategy, but also consumer driven trends such as health and well-being, and new technologies like CRISPER/Cas, Clean Meat, AI and robotics. These are only some of the elements that will shape the complex agri-business of the future.

When well-educated young entrepreneurs make agri-business their carrier path, the traditional way of running a farm or a food company is hardly their idea to success. Young front-runners know that they must develop new production methods and build healthy business models to win the markets. While balancing productivity, environmental sustainability, capital investment and income, they also need to respond to the shifting consumer trends. Within such a rapidly evolving sector, collaboration and integrative solutions are crucial for entrepreneurs to understand how to choose winning strategies and make the right investment decisions.

FarmFit’s mission is to serve as the forum where young European makers exchange ideas and discuss cutting-edge technology and innovations with the aim of breaking through the challenges and becoming more successful by gaining and sharing knowledge.

Top 1,000 European Agri-food leaders       
Within the Agri-food community the young entrepreneurial producers and processors are the core group for which the event and its network will be most beneficial. FarmFit calls out to farmers and food professionals who recognize the value of knowledge sharing and connections across the supply-chain.

“A Millennial from Denmark operating an innovative concept on transparency in the food chain. A tech-company from Germany with a cut-edge solution for precision livestock farming that improves animal welfare. A start-up of Generation Z from Benelux with a new technology that disrupts fresh-food delivery. A group of young winemakers pushing the boundaries of wine production. A post-graduate research team in France working on alternative-protein food trends in Europe. A biologist who set up an organic, sustainable dairy farm in Italy. These profiles apparently work in very specific industries, at various levels of the supply chain, with different operating issues to tackle and solve. The truth is that they are all essential innovators and forward-thinkers within the same food system. These are some examples of whom would fit best in the FarmFit concept” explains Heiko M. Stutzinger, Managing Director of VNU Asia Pacific and Director VNU Europe.

In essence, FarmFit is conceived for the top 1,000 leaders of tomorrow’s agri-business. The event and its network will give an incredible boost to both their single operations and the food system upgrade.

The event format that didn’t exist  
FarmFit will introduce the community to a new, interactive and inspiring setting that puts the next generation of farmers and food professionals at the centre of the scope and integrates serious content and innovations with entertainment.

Over 300 content sessions, including thematic and interactive meetings, speaker corners, campfires, jam sessions, and more. A combination of small, medium and large sessions, with plenty of in­formal meetings to exchange ideas and information will generate a powerful interaction among participants.

The mode­ration will be facilitated by key representatives of the farm & food community, who will help shape the discussion digitally and onsite in a dynamic setting and buzzing atmosphere.

For the 2-day live program in Germany, the venue, which will be disclosed in 2021, will play a key role in driving the interactions to the maximum and enable the flow of bold ideas.

“We are working on a truly pragmatic platform where young business people are inspired to share visions, plans, best practices, but also failures. We are addressing those kinds of personalities who are willing to play a role in the discussions, and be part of the event, instead of simply consuming its contents.” said Zhenja Antochin, VNU Europe Senior Project Manager.

Enthusiastic Partners
FarmFit is organized by VNU Europe, a professional event organization with a proven track record in global Agri-food business for over 40 years. VNU Europe is part of the Royal Dutch Jaarbeurs, established in 1907. The project is supported by top notch European associations and communities who embraced the FarmFit concept from the start and will be active players in the journey. The FarmFit launch partners are: the European Council of Young Farmers (CEJA), the Young Professionals for Agricultural Development (YPARD Europe), the Rural Youth Europe (RYEurope), Nuffield International Farming Scholars, Smart Agri Hubs, Internet of Food & Farm (IoF2020), Familienbetriebe Land und Forst, International Agri-Food Network (IAFN), Global Dairy Farmers (GDF), the Oxford Farming Conference (OFC), and the Nederlands Agrarisch Jongeren Kontakt (NAJK).

How to join the FarmFit discussion
The FarmFit adventure has just started. The organizer offers multiple solutions to get involved in the community. Key profiles and associations can apply to become event ambassadors or partners.

The official website will keep the network “fit” from now till the live event by the end of 2021, with contents, stories and news. Engage in the discussion #LetsFarmFit

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