To connect the global and local livestock markets and fully drive the Indonesian economy at ILDEX

Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia, and the 16th largest in the world. It is a diverse archipelago nation with more than 300 ethnic groups and has charted impressive economic growth since overcoming the Asian financial crisis of the late 1990s. The country’s per capita GDP has steadily risen from $807 in 2000 to $3,877 in 2018. Today, Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populous nation, the world’s 10th largest economy in terms of purchasing power, and a member of G-20. Supported by robust investment, stable inflation, and a strong job market, Indonesia’s economic growth is forecast to reach 5.2% in 2019.

The Indonesian economy has made tremendous progress over the last two decades. In terms of sectors, agriculture and livestock contribute about 12% to its GDP while industry and services add approximately 43% to its output. In terms of production cost, Indonesia was only at the fourth rank for beef, third for sheep and goat and fourth for broiler production per kilogram live weight compared to other member ASEAN countries. The livestock market in Indonesia has many channels to develop in order to create more opportunities to export to international markets.

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New venue *ICE* – New opportunities – New segments

The high technology used in manufacturing and production farms will be on display, with an extensive range of local and international top brands who offer new technology, innovation and equipment that is appropriate for each type of livestock farm. The international livestock, dairy, meat processing, and aquaculture exposition called ‘ILDEX Indonesia 2019’ is the best platform where you can find everything in the supply chain from feed to meat.

The 4th edition, ILDEX Indonesia 2019, will be held between 18 and 20 September 2019 at Hall 3&3a, ICE, Jakarta, Indonesia. In regard to the growth strategy of the show, the organizer, VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific, has decided to move the show to a new venue, the Indonesia Convention Exhibition ICE BSD, which is the biggest convention and exhibition center in Indonesia. At the exhibition, visitors can meet 250 companies from 30 countries who are showcasing their latest technology and innovations and launching their new products in the 10,000 sq.m. exhibition space. The main business sectors at ILDEX include Animal Health, Animal Housing & Farm Equipment, Animal Feed & Ingredients, Breeding & Genetics, Incubation & Hatchery, Slaughter to Processing, LAB & IT, and the special sector at this edition is ‘Waste Management’.

Unlimited connection with industry people in one place

In the past, 85% of visitors to the exposition were local visitors and 15% were international visitors. It has become a new challenge for organizers and VNUEAP to encourage more foreign participants by creating the Hosted Buyer Program by match-making real buyers with our onsite exhibitors. At this edition, more than 200 key buyers from South-east Asia have been invited and will participate at ILDEX Indonesia. We don’t only focus on buyers; we also want to encourage other interested parties to visit the exhibition, such as cattle, poultry and dairy farmers, people in the Aquaculture, Agribusiness, Agrochemical, Distributor, wholesale, and Import & Export businesses, nutritionists, veterinarians and other professionals and post-graduates who will drive the future of the livestock business. We not only focus on local people, but also on international buyers who are looking for local partners with whom they can conduct international business. The livestock market in Asia has become more well-known and we believe that the Indonesia market is a large and important market in which foreign players hope to expand their business with the participation of local companies.

Visitors can expand and build connections with professionals and management from the top local and international companies in the industry such as Big Dutchman, Behn Meyer, Buhler, CJ, DSM, Evonik, Famsun, Gemlang group, Japfa Comfeed Indonesia, Jefo, KSP Equipment, Linco, Marel, Moba, Nabel, Petersime, Pokphand, Romindo and more. At this edition, there will be three international pavilions for China, South Korea and The Netherlands together with the FoodTech Indonesia pavilion.

Waste management & ILDEX Animal Live Show are highlights

Another new feature at this edition of ILDEX is ‘Waste Management’. In this zone, new technology will be presented and knowledge will be shared on how to manage waste in livestock farms and how to create new business strategies for livestock production. We also welcome fourteen local and international organizations who you can consult about for your business, including KAHPA (Korea Animal Health Products Association), the Food Export Association of the Midwest USA, and ABRA, the Brazilian Renderers Association.

Furthermore, the exhibition will provide a rest area for visitors to conduct business matching, to discuss business, to make new connections with the industry people at onsite networking events. Guests can also relax in the rest area, read global industry magazines in the ‘Media Library zone’ and also enjoy the “ILDEX Animal Live Show’ in the loading area of Hall 3. In this zone, a variety of live animals from local farms will be presented including cattle, sheep, chicken and duck. The purpose of this zone is for education, to present the quality of local production, and to encourage buyers to trust before buying. However, it will not be possible to cook or try the products in this zone. At present, 7 booths are expected to showcase in this zone.

Variety of Conferences

  • Waste Management and best practices
  • One Health Seminar by the Directorate General of Livestock Services and Animal Health (DGLSAH), Ministry of Agriculture Republic of Indonesia, FAO and OIE representatives
  • FAVA Seminar on Animal Health by Directorate General of Livestock Services and Animal Health, Researcher at the Research Center for Veterinary  Science and Head of the Animal Health Office of the East Nusa  Tenggara
  • Managing bird health in an era without antibiotics – a vet’s perspective. By Dr. David Marks, JEFO
  • Precision Livestock Farming by David Simmons – Sales Director, Evonik Porphyrio NV
  • Immunowall – Natural Intervention for AGP Replacement & Food Safety in Poultry by Ekachai Jenwitheesuk DVM, Ph.D – Technical Manager SEA & Pacific, ICC Brazil, BEHN MEYER
  • How to Perform Maintenance on Your Cooling Pad by Kishan Nazr & Jimmy Wong, CPI – PORTACOOL
  • Ecobiol® : An Evidence based Probiotic to Improve Gut Health and Tackle Pathogenic Challenges in Poultry by Dr. Mubarak Ali – Senior Technical Manager, Evonik ( SEA ) Pte.Ltd., Singapore
  • Modern Trends in Heating Solutions and Microclimate in Indonesia by Denis Matveev, CPI – LB WHITE
  • A Positive Effect by Using Essential Oils to Solve Respiratory Problem in Poultry by Akhir Pebriansyah, Ph.D – Regional Product Manager, Intracare B.V, BEHN MEYER
  • Benefits of the essential oil blend “Next Enhance 150” for poultry by Dr. Suk Hyeon Cho, Novus International
  • Adoption of Modern Danish Technology with SKIOLD for optimum Livestock production by Dr Sussie Ketit – REGIONAL DIRECTOR SKIOLD A/S, Skiold
  • ‘Smart farm Industry promotion and Sustainable Development Plan’ by EPIS


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ILDEX to open in the Philippines

Press Release Bangkok-Manila, 6 June 2019 – VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. ILDEX Exhibitions, the International livestock, dairy, meat processing and aquaculture exposition, premieres in the Philippines at the “ILDEX Forum, Philippines” on Thu. 27th June 2019 at Corregidor Room B, Century Park Hotel, Manila, the Philippines.

In a report by the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS), the livestock and poultry sectors present “a glimmer of light in local agriculture that is projected to continuously grow in the next decade”. The report also noted the consistent growth of the livestock and poultry industry, which has contributed positively to the economy even with less support from the government than other agricultural commodities. There is a clear indication that the Philippine government would like to reform the livestock sector and there is growing domestic demand.

This event aims to be a platform of expertise sharing knowledge on sustainable management in the pig and poultry business.  International speakers from global companies will present their views in three different categories including breeding, feed, and farm management. Chris Jackson, Export Manager at UKTAG Technology for Agriculture and Genetics will present ‘Optimum profitability in pig breeding depends on an extended genetic base and artificial insemination’ and the Buhler Group will share information on the topic ‘Proper feed mill equipment in pig farms can improve feed quality and operational efficiency’. Last but not least, Big Dutchman Philippines will share their strategy to encourage pig farmers to engage in the sustainable management of waste. ILDEX Forum expects to welcome livestock industry leaders as well as investors to also expand their business opportunities.

ILDEX Forum, Philippines will be held on Thursday 27th June 2019 at Corregidor Room B, Century Park Hotel, Manila, Philippines from 16.30 to 18.35 hrs. Registration is available at REGISTRATION LINK by 14 June 2019 on a first come, first served basis.


Ms.Panadda Kongma, Head of Compretence at the Center Livestock of VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific said “This essentially shows the readiness of the Philippine government to support and make a fresh start for the country’s livestock industry, which definitely creates great opportunities for the inclusion of technologies in improving the productivity of the livestock industry. Therefore, businesses can enjoy a new beginning in the Philippine livestock industry. The global and regional joint Livestock venture is also a promising means to inspire and earn domestic trust at the early stage”.

About ILDEX Exhibitions

ILDEX Indonesia 2019: 18-20 September 2019 at ICE, Jakarta, Indonesia. 

ILDEX Vietnam 2020: 18-20 March 2020 at SECC, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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About VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.

VNU Exhibitions Europe from the Netherlands and TCC Exhibition and Convention Center from Thailand, have entered into a joint venture and founded VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. (VNUEAP), based in Bangkok, Thailand.  VNUEAP now focuses on the development of business-to-business exhibitions in the South East Asian region, in particular in livestock, agriculture and science laboratory technology.

Livestock Profile: The company has been running livestock shows, especially in animal protein production, for more than 30 years,. The largest trade show is ‘VIV Asia’ – the No.1 international trade show ‘From Feed to Food for Asia’ in collaboration with VNU Exhibitions Europe.  In 2020, we will establish a new show called ‘VIV health & nutrition Asia’ in Bangkok, where we will focus on feed & pharmaceutical ingredients, genetics and hi-tech farm solutions.   

Apart from the animal protein production show in Bangkok, VNUE AP has also developed ILDEX Exhibitions in Vietnam and Indonesia.  ILDEX’s objective is to serve the local markets. We bring in international expertise to complement the local experts especially in fast-growing countries like Vietnam, Indonesia and soon the Philippines.

At the international conference, we, together with Positive Action Publications from the UK, co-organized Pig Poultry& Dairy Focus Asia (PPDFA). The conference is Asia’s leading technical conference that takes place in Bangkok every 2 years.

Livestock trade shows calendar:

ILDEX Indonesia 2019: 18-20 September 2019 at ICE, Jakarta (

PP&DFA 2020: 13-15 January 2020 at AVANI Riverside Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand (

VIV health & nutrition 2020: 15-16 January 2020 at BITEC, Thailand (

ILDEX Vietnam 2020: 18-20 March 2020 at SECC, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (

VIV Asia 2021, 10-12 March 2021 at Bangkok, Thailand (

Agritechnica Asia organisers launch new agricultural events in Thailand and Myanmar


Agritechnica Asia organisers launch new agricultural events in Thailand and Myanmar

  • “Agritechnica Asia live – Field Demonstrations of Agricultural Machinery” in Myanmar 29th and 30th November
  • “Agrifuture Conference & Exhibition – Prepare Yourself for Tomorrow’s Agri-Business” in Thailand 2nd and 3rd of December

Frankfurt/Main, Germany, 24th May 2019 – The organisers of Agritechnica Asia, the DLG (German Agricultural Society) and VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific, today announced they will launch two new events, located in Thailand and Myanmar, for the agricultural sector in South East Asia before the end of 2019. These new activities are part of the bold strategy for the Thailand-based Agritechnica Asia trade fair, to facilitate farming solutions to local farmers in this region.

The dedicated farming events, “Agritechnica Asia live – Field Demonstrations of Agricultural Machinery” will take place near Myanmar’s capital city of Naypyitaw on 29th and 30th November, and “Agrifuture Conference & Exhibition – Prepare Yourself for Tomorrow’s Agri-Business” is scheduled to be held in Bangkok, Thailand, on 2nd and 3rd of December.

“Agritechnica Asia based in Bangkok is a successful off-shoot of Agritechnica, which is the world’s largest agricultural machinery trade fair and is held in Germany every two years. Agritechnica Asia is now in its third edition and has already established itself as a leading platform in South East Asia for agricultural machinery solutions. These two new events in Thailand and Myanmar are similar to technology showcase road shows with specific and highly technical content brought directly to the farmers at their door step,” said Jens Kremer, Deputy Managing Director of DLG Service.

“They fulfil a need for more knowledge in a specific area such as rice cultivation or specific mechanisation issues. Agritechnica Asia acts to bring this together,” added Kremer.

“We are pleased that the cooperation signed three years ago between VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific and DLG is bearing fruit. We are working together to not only offer solutions to the farming sector but we are also tuning in to needs that are in some cases very local,” commented Heiko Stutzinger, Managing Director of VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific.

New event in Thailand – Agrifuture Conference & Exhibition

The new Agrifuture Conference & Exhibition event will be held at a venue in the city of Bangkok and is expected to attract about 1,200 attendees from across Asia-Pacific. The format is an international conference with accompanying side-exhibition and networking sessions. Farmers, machinery operators/owners/contractors, dealers, co-operatives, researchers and technicians, and decision and policy makers are among those expected to attend.

The first day of the event will include formal conference sessions on two topics, “Regional & global markets” and “Smart crop management & post-harvest technology”, while the focus on the second day is on “Mechanisation & Financing”. The exclusive exhibition taking place throughout the event is expected to feature about 30 exhibitors of disruptive technology for future farming.

DLG’s Katharina Staske, project manager of Agritechnica Asia, said the new events have been introduced to complement Agritechnica Asia, which takes place for the third time from 7th to 9th May 2020 in Bangkok.

“Along with our international farmers’ network, the DLG has expanded its relationship with farmers and expert organizations in South East Asia, and notably Thailand and Myanmar,” added Staske. “It is through working with these organizations that we have come up with two new events that will focus on specific arable production areas that require targeted technical solutions.”

“These are exclusive events that bring a selected group of farmers together where knowledge acquisition is the main focus, and alongside we offer an exclusive platform for organisations to promote their products and services.”

New event in Myanmar – “Agritechnica Asia live”

The new Agritechnica Asia live event in Myanmar is expected to attract about 1,000 visitors from the area around its venue, a location also hosting a World Bank-funded Agricultural Development Support Project. Rice production will be central to the two-day event, with co-partners that include the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), the Myanmar Rice Federation (MRF) and the World Bank (WB). The country’s Agricultural Mechanisation Department (AMD) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation will be the official host.

Like last year’s Mechanisation Field Day, partnered by IRRI, and also held in Myanmar, the event is expected to attract farmers, machinery operators/owners, mechanisation service providers, MRF members, researchers and technicians, and decision and policy makers. The programme will feature a field demonstration and networking dinner on the first day and a seminar on the second day.




DLG promotes technical and scientific progress in the food and farming sectors

The DLG is a politically independent, non-profit organisation promoting technical and scientific progress and knowledge transfer in the food and farming sectors. It was founded in 1885 by engineer, writer and visionary Max Eyth, who was convinced that the industrial revolution, and mechanisation in particular, would have a major impact on the agricultural sector. Eyth’s ideas remain at the centre of the DLG’s activities to this day.

The new Agritechnica Asia live event not only meets the DLG’s objectives of transferring knowledge across borders, but is in line with the stated goal of the Myanmar Rice Sector Development Strategy. The country aims to be a food-secure nation where smallholder farming households triple their household incomes, including income derived from rice and rice-based farming, thereby enjoying a decent standard of living comparable to that of urban dwellers. The sustainable intensification of rice production, using efficient and effective natural resource management methodologies for higher rice productivity and profitability, is the cornerstone for achieving this goal by 2030.

Agritechnica Asia is organised by the DLG and VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific, and is a spin-off from the highly successful Agritechnica, the world’s largest trade fair for farm machinery held every two years in Hanover, Germany. Agritechnica Asia’s South East Asian team will organise the new “Agritechnica Asia live – Field Demonstrations of Agricultural Machinery” and “Agrifuture Conference & Exhibition – Prepare Yourself for Tomorrow’s Agri-Business” events, and more information about these can be found online at  | .


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